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Market share and years in business do not necessarily correlate with success in digital marketing and search engine optimization. In fact, a strong SEO campaign can quickly challenge your leadership in search engine visibility, regardless of how long you have been the market leader. Below are just a few reasons why competitors may rank above your organization, even with inferior content and technical capabilities:

1. The competitor's website is more relevant, matching the searcher's user intent with greater accuracy

2. The competitor's website is more prominent online and has more links

3. The user experience metrics tracked by search engines rank your competitor's website as more relevant and valuable than that of your organization

At Invictus Media Group, we have a passion for helping companies achieve cross-border marketing success. Our experienced team has launched hundreds of successful marketing campaigns in over 30 countries around the world.
Generally, a well-designed and executed SEO strategy will begin producing significant traffic after four to six months.

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